KLINGER Finland Oy Corona Virus Bulletin

Friday January 29th, 2021

KLINGER Finland is continuously monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Finland and worldwide. We are conforming to the safety measures given by the Finnish Government and THL (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) and updating our company’s operations instructions accordingly. We continue at KLINGER Finland with different safety measures to prevent the spreading of the virus.

We can serve our customers only by firstly making sure that our personnel and their families stay healthy. We have given instructions to our personnel on how to prevent infection and to proceed in the event of possible sickness. All business travel has been restricted and business meetings are held in the form of virtual meetings. We have reduced close contact at our workplace.

Otherwise, our operations are continuing as normal and no major disruptions to our operations chain have occurred. Our warehouse and field service are functioning normally, and we strive to deliver orders to our customers on time. In this challenging situation, our extensive and comprehensive warehouse is an asset. We are in direct contact to the customer, if the Corona situation has an impact on single deliveries.