VDS6200 Video Transmission Set

VDS6200 is a pair of AHD (Analog HD) CCTV video signal transmisson units, it can send AHD video and DC power through one coaxial cable simulaneously.  The distance between Sender and Viewer can be up to 800 meters. AHD currently has 720P to 1080P variety of display resolutions including PAL/NTSC format, interfaaced and porgressive scanning.

VDS6200 could applies to allsurveillance AHD CCTV cameras, by usng it, it could avoid any sinal losse, it has lighting prtection, EMI filter added to the unit, with an ease of installation. It also has a rich LED lighs and diagnostic indications. Reliable nd inexpensive advantages sould be your best choice.

  • Supports all type AHD (Analog HD) CCTV cameras, such as 720p and 1080p resolutions.
  • Sends DC power (Safety methods) from Local side to Remote side, at the same time reverse send video use a single coaxial cable.
  • More than 800 meters of transmission distance from Local Unit to Remote Unit.
  • Thick or heavy duty coaxial cables increase the transmission distance to be more than 1,000 meters

Order number: EMBI4000 VDS6200 Video Transmission Set

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