SeeEyes SC-MURP0801

SC-MURP0801 is a 1CH Multi-format Active Type of UTP Receiver which supports AHD, TVI, CVI and CVBS. For easy installation,
the harness cables are basically applied as well as it is available to transmit power and control data over one UTP cable with no need of re-cabling.  Also, Optimum video is selectable by controlling A/F LEVEL GAIN.

  • Multi-format Analog HD Signal Input (Full HD 2M-AHD, TVI, CVI)
  • 1CH Active Type of Receiver with outstanding noise removal feature
  • Max.Transmission Distance with CAT5. UTP Cable (AHD:500m, TVI:300m, CVI:300m, CVBS:500m)
  • Possible to select optimum video by A.LEVEL/F.LEVEL GAIN control
  • Minimize noise delivered by cables
  • Power supply to the transmitter SC-MUTP0801 (Max.8W / DC12V)
  • Support standard CVBS Signal Input (NTSC, PAL)
  • Surge Protection


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