WEBGATE MH1600H 16 channel real time DVR

» 16ch Stand-alone DVR
» Monitoring/Recording (480/400fps at D1) for All Channels
» Adjustable Recording Quality/Speed Setup per Each Channel
» 4 Individual Monitor Output via Built-in 4 BNC and 2 DVI Port (Each Monitor Support Playback/Screen Division/Menu Feature)
»  Support Dual Codec(H.264,JPEG) / Multi Stream
» Support IPFR (Intelligent Power Failure Recovery) File System
» 4 Internal SATA Type HDDs
» Support External Storage via Giga-Ethernet (NVS04R)
» Support External Storage via eSATA
» Date/Time, Calendar, Event, Thumbnail, Smart, Text Search Available
» Provide Bundle CMS Managing 1,024 DVRs in Various Ways such as E-map, Viewset
» Java Viewer for Chrome, Firefox, Safari
»  Various Mobile Platform Support (iPhone/Android Viewer and Mobile page)
» Provide Full SDK for Easy and Powerful Customization

Order number: EMWD3000 WEBGATE 16ch real time DVR

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