OTS FTD100 Micro

The FTD100Micro Series offers 8-bit PCM digital video transmission with no video degradation over the entire operating distance (up to 20km) and a small,
but mighty design that fits into most CCTV camera housings.
The cost-effective unit features high-performance laserbased optics for the clearest, most reliable data transmission over one fiber in both single and
multi-mode. This plug-and-play product provides instant product compatibility for most major security manufacturers’ equipment and reliability in harsh
environments. These units are compatible with the FTD100 transmitters/receivers and FTD100-XXR3 receivers.


» NTSC or PAL video standards supported
» Non-compressed 8-bit digitally encoded video
» No video degradation over the maximum operating distance


» One fiber design
» High performance laser-based optics
» Multimode or Singlemode
» ST or FC connectors available

Order Number: EMOT1040 FTD100 Micro-SMT Transmitter

Order Number: EMOT1041 FTD100 Micro-SMR Receiver

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