See Eyes SC-HPG01 HD-SDI color bar generator

SC-HPG01 is a compact, portable device, designed to generate various HD-SDI test patterns stored in the device. And SC-HCT01 is HD-SDI signal level meter which mainly designed to check the inputted HD-SDI signal strength and approximate cable distance. By using both devices, it is possible to check the cable distance and signal strength easily when installing HD-SDI CCTV product such as camera, DVR, repeaters, etc.

  • Portable HD-SDI test Pattern generator
  • Possible to set the output resolution [1280 x 720(p50,60)/1920 x 1080(i50, i60, p25, p30, p50, p60)] with rotary switch easily
  • Supports SMPTE 292M(1.5G), SMPTE 424M(3G)
  • Built-in Battery(charging via USB) & LED indication for power status

Order number: EMSU1009 SC-HPG01 HD-SDI test pattern generator

EOL, not available.

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