See Eyes SC-HD04SWQ HD-SDI / Ex SDI quad splitter

SC-HD04SWQ is a quad device can be input Max. 4 of EX-SDI/HD-SDI signals and able to transmit quad image by single screen and able to connect it to DVR for recording of the input image via Loop output port without any additional video distributor. HDMI and SDI output is available and can be connected to monitor directly. It’s also available for auto sequence mode.

  • 4 signals of HD-SDI/EX-SDI 1.0, EX-SDI 2.0 or EX-SDI TDM(option) input and output quad display in Real-time
  • Support TDM signal input and Max. 4 channels can be input by 1, single Coax. cable (TDM input #3CH only available – option)
  •  Support Full HD Quad display (Full screen, Quad display, Auto Sequence)
  • Support HDMI, SDI(HD-SDI/EX-SDI 1.0/EX-SDI 2.0) output simultaneously
  • Long range transmission for quad image by EX-SDI signal
  • Support HDMI Ultra HD output – 3840×2160(25p, 30p)
  • Loop output function (same as input signal format)
  • Support OSD (On Screen Display)


Order number: EMSU1076  See Eyes SC-HD04SWQ HD-SDI / Ex SDI quad splitter

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