SeeEyes SC-IPC1208EH 8ch. EoC system


8CH EoC(Ethernet over Coax.) transmission unit is composed of SC-IPT3001E(1CH transmitter) and SC-IPR1208EH(8CH receiver).
It is able to use existing coaxial cable to send power to transmitter and IP camera over single coaxial cable. At the same time,
it is able to receive data from IP camera and transmit them to NVR. So this solution makes construction period shorter and
installation cost lower.

  • Transmit Power and network data in one coaxial cable
  • Max. 1.8km over RG-6 (up to 20Mbps / data transmission only)
  •  Supply power to PoE IP Camera (Max.12W)
  • Max. transmission bandwidth : 200Mbps(PHY Rate) / 75Mbps(TCP Rate)
  • Auto diagnosis function for stable power supply
  • PoE On/Off switch mounted on the transmitter for camera power supply
  • 8CH Ethernet over Coax Receiver(SC-IPR1208EH) with built-in switching HUB function
  •  Cost-effective solution by using existing coaxial cable line
  •  Lower installation cost and reduce construction period by eliminating the need to lay power lines with PoC function
  •  Built-in all channel Auto Pairing function for prevention of interference and safe transmission
  • All channel auto encryption (128bit AES)
  • Built-in surge protection circuit

Manufacturer product page: SC-IPC1208EH

Order number: EMSU1043    SC-IPC1208EH  8 channel ethernet over coax system

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