Camsat-EasyIP IP Camera wireless

CDS-EasyIP The innovative system for wireless IP camera with DipSwitch settings

CDS-EasyIP has the lowest factor of Installer additional costs. Easy and very quick installation reduces to a minimum the labor costs for the installer or user, and requires no additional accessories”.

The innovative system of wireless IP cameras do not require a computer to perform the start-up and setup. Very easy to start a system of
transmitters and receivers for installers who start working with IP cameras. Start-up is performed with use of DIPswitch by selecting
operating channel and setting the transmitter/receiver mode. The rest of the settings is carried out automatically with the encoding of transmission.

A special system with protocols for the transmission of HD video and 4K

CDS-EasyIP is not a computer device to transmit Internet but transmitter for continuous and uninterrupted transmission of heavy HD images.
Implemented special protocols audio / video provide broadcasts of all the frames HD and 4k with no delay in transmission.
In addition to the simultaneous transmission of multiple images and sounds it also allows you to control PTZ cameras and the data transfer
between the recorder and cameras.

Order Number: EMCA5200 Camsat-EasyIP

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