Videotec Ulisse Plus

Videotec ULISSE PLUS is a robust and efficient Pan/Tilt/Zoom unit designed to ensure dynamic and non-stop surveillance of large outdoor areas and withstand harsh
weather conditions, reducing maintenance to zero.

To ensure detailed images even during the night hours, versions are available with LED illuminators, with infrared light or white light.
The unit is equipped with optical sensors which ensure the accurate control of the position in any condition of use.

» Variable speed: 0.02°-100°/s Pan; 0.02°-50°/s Tilt

» Horizontal continuous rotation, vertical +90°/-40°

» Weatherproof housing for medium/large-size lenses

» IP66

» Power supply available 230Vac, 24Vac or 120Vac

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Olli Turtiainen, Product Group Manager

CCTV & Measuring instruments

+358 10 400 1296


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