IR LED illuminator IBS 288-30 (distance 200 m)

» LED: Tyntek LED chip, high brightness, and long lifespan
» Numbers of LED: 288pcs
» Wavelength: 850nm/940nm
» Beam angle: 30° (optional)
» Beam distance: 200m
» Working voltage: 12V DC and 24V AC
» Power (maximum): 38W
» Day and night functionality: automatic
» Wire: 120cm
» Type plug: national standard
» Mounting bracket: wall mounting
» Ambient temperature: -50 to 50°C
» Grade of protection: IP67
» Color: normal black (white is optional)
» Shield: aluminum die-cast housing
» Panel: high light transmittance toughened glass
» Veneer: black color
» Intelligent infrared technology, no blind area when lock of background light or white spot/over exposure when the infrared light is too bright at both indoor and outdoor environment
» High quality, high effect LED increases white light emission efficiency
» The operating temperature rises only 60% to the normal LED, which prolongs the lifespan of the lamp to average 50,000 hours
» It can deliver a constant level of brightness of IR light, intelligent control the performance of infrared light when the camera switch to different distance
» Elaborate design of the internal structure
» High light transmittance toughened and hidden light glass
» It has the advantages of small size, safe, and inconspicuous
» Aluminum die-cast housing, great heat dissipation ability, elegant appearance, and lightweight
» Also a regulated low power input circuit which allows the illuminator to be powered directly by a 12V DC/24V AC electric source
» IP67 protection level, it is suitable for all kind of bad environment
» Using the weatherproof aluminum die-cast housing and variable angle U bracket can reduce the installation cost, easy and quick mounting
» Improve the performance of the weak light camera, thereby enhancing the picture effects at nigh
» With function of video analysis at night

Ordernumber: EMEX1015 IBS 288-30 IR Illuminator

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