LiPo Battery Pack

Lithium Polymer Battery Pakcs (LiPo)

These batteries are in use in their thousands, for many applications where the lightest, most compact battery is needed.

Key features:
» Extremely lightweight (1/4 weight of Sealed Lead Acid)
» Small physical size
» Built in fuel gauge
» Faster recharge time
» Flat discharge curve – high power for longer
» Overcharge and short circuit protected
» Robust ABS case
» Temperature Range (charging): 0°C – 45°C
» Temperature Range (discharging): -10°C – 60°C
» Cycle life> 300 cycles

Highlighted features:
01 12V Charge port
02 12V Output (Bullet)
03 Fuel gauge with indicator lights
04 Robust ABS casing

Safety features:
Integrated Electronic ‘Battery Management System’ (BMS) provides the following protection:
» Overcharge & over-discharge protection
» Thermal protection
» Over current protection
» Short circuit protection

What’s in the box:
» Neoprene carry case
» TR8132 – Output Bullet Lead to 12V Socket
» TR8136 – 1.65A AC mains charger ( EU adaptor)
» TR8137 – DC Vehicle Charger

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