Sengate HT-60 / 150 / 200 Heating Unit

Heating Unit for Sengate Beam Sensors

  • Heating Units designed for use in extremely cold area
  • Each set containing two(2) parts, one each for TX and RX respectively


HT-60 Heating Unit:

  • 2PH-30C & 2PH-60C
  • 2PH-30DQ & 2PH-60DQ

HT-150 Heating Unit:

  •  2PH-100A & 2PH-150A
  • 2PH-100BQ & 2PH-150BQ

HT-200 Heating Unit:

  • 4PH-75BQE & 4PH-150BQE & 4PH-250BQE

Order number: EMTW1020 Sengate HT-60 Heating Unit

Order number: EMTW1025 Sengate HT-150 Heating Unit

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CCTV & Measuring instruments

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