TiV – HDZ-M Thermal Camera

  • Man Detection: 2,900m (Based on Johnsons Criteria – Ranges will be affected by Atmospheric conditions)
  • Resolution: 640×480
  • FoV: 8.3°x6.2°
  • Detector Pitch: 17µm
  • Zoom: Continuous to X12 (plus stepped)
  • Operating Time: 8-10 Hours (On a single rechargeable battery, 2 supplied)
  • External Connector: Yes (provides external power, remote control, video out)
  • Video Out: Yes (via BNC connector and external Connector)
  • NETD: <55mK
  • On Screen Display: Date & Time, Zoom Factor, Polarity, Battery Status, Range Finding Grat, GPS Position, Compass Bearing
  • GPS & Compass: Yes, as standard
  • Dimensions: L302mm x H110mm x W180mm
  • Weight Approx: 1.75kg – 1.95kg(Dependant on final specification options)
  • Polarity: Switchable White or Black Hot
  • Focus: Electronic (5m to Infinity)
  • Switch-on Time: Unit will power up from cold in typically 5s
  • Environment: Fully waterproof to IP67
  • Operating Temperature: -25°c to +50°c
  • Buoyancy: Floats when dropped in water at STP
  • Certification: CE, MIL STD 810F & 416
  • Warranty: 3 Years

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Risto Vainikainen, Product Manager

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Rolle Tenho, Technical sales

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