ULIRvision TC700PTZ Thermal Security Camera

» On-board design; easy to install
» NETD <60mk, clear thermal imaging video in complete darkness
» 50Hz real-time imaging, 3s to image
» 640×480 17um FPA detector
» 2x, 4x digital zoom to see objects’ details clearly
» High-sensitivity integration video, 550-line high resolution
» 0.01 lux illumination in the black & white mode

» 0.05° repositioning accuracy
» Pan/Tilt with anti-backlash worm gearing
» High-intensity aluminum alloy body & surface
» Special treatment techniques to protect from salt spray or seawater
» IP67 encapsulation, built-in surging & lightning protection unit
» Built-in heating and demisting unit
» Operating temperature range -40℃ ~ +60℃
» Support thermal imaging camera video output
» High-sensitivity camera video output & composite video output
» Auto-ID of control protocol & baud rate; support soft address


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Olli Turtiainen, Product Group Manager

CCTV & Measuring instruments

+358 10 400 1296


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