KCA 3512 videorecorder

»The recorder can be used, for example, in vehicles or in diving
»Packing: H.264
»Video Connector: BNC x 2
»Recording: D1, 25fps / camera
»Monitor connector: RCA x1
»Audio: RCA x1
»Memory Card: SDHC
»Recording: Continuous or Event
»I / O: 6 inputs
»RS-485: No.
»3G network: Yes, with a separate USB stick
»GPS: Yes
»Dimensions: 202mm x 50mm x 83mm (Lev, Syv, Kork)
»Weight: 700g
»Voltage: 12VDC
»Power Consumption: 10W

Separate 8 “and 10” inch displays can be added to the recorder and can be connected to KCA cameras, for example Tracer underwater cameras and Samsung cameras.

Order number: EMCK1000 KCA 2714 DVR
Order number: EMCK1001 KCA 3512 DVR

Order number: EMCK1030 8″ Display KDA DM-1080
Order number: EMCK1031 10″ Display KDA DM-1104

Order number: EMCK1010 Camera KF-2225
Order number: EMCK1011 Camera KF-2325
Order number: EMCK1012 Camera KF-6125
Order number: EMCK1013 Camera KF-7135
Order number: EMCK1014 Camera KF-7335
Order number: EMCK1015 Camera KF-7535


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