KCA Vehicle management system with GPS positioning and 3G connectivity

  • KCA Recording System – real-time information from the street
  • Imported KCA mobile recorders from KLINGER Finland Oy are popular with professional users.
  • The vehicle recorder is designed to operate 24 hours a day.
  •  The recorder is structurally passive and therefore resistant to vibration and temperature fluctuations.
  •  A variety of analogue vehicle cameras can be connected to the mobile recorder.
  •  The recorder compresses the video in H.264 format and the recorded material is easily viewed from the SD memory card.
  •  A 8″ or 10.1 “inch screen can be placed on the vehicle for viewing camera images.


  • Remote monitoring of vehicles is performed over a 3G network over a remote program.
  • 2714 and 2718 recorders come with a VMS remote management software that receives GPS tracking data from recorders on the vehicle and shows the location of the map on the map.
  • When the vehicle is located in the 3G network, the remote software also transmits live pictures.
  • KCA is a great system for real-time tracking of vehicles.

Compatible video recorders KCA 2714 and KCA 3512



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