Vampire RF mini video recorder

Vampire RF is a highly miniaturized digital video recorder with a function of high quality digital stereo audio transmission. The kit
includes an audio-video recorder/transmitter unit with a two-way radio module and a compact portable control/receiver unit.
Its characteristics make it an unparallelled device designed for unique applications in the field of real time audio transmission.
Vampire RF also offers a wide range of setup options for versatility of use and intuitive controls.

The housing of Vampire RF is manufactured of high-quality aluminum based compound (CERTAL) with matte black finish. Its
dimensions in millimeters are 74 x 53 x 13, the weight including the built in battery is 90 grams.

Video signal is processed with a high quality codec in Motion JPEG 2000 standard, which creates recordings with great richness
of detail that allow for easy editing or capture of individual frames. Recordings are stored as individual AVI files provided with date
and time information. Recordings can be played back directly on a standard PC without the need to copy the data from the memory
card or to convert the data format.

Vampire RF provides a secure wireless audio transmission in real time. The receiver unit can perform remote monitoring
and/or record audio on both transmitter and receiver units. The remote controller with panic button combined with a wireless
communication gives full control over the situation while maintaining safety in the field.

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