Calibration equipment

Our calibration equipment range provides reliable, long-term measurement technology and innovative calibration technology. The field-tested components for the measurement and control technology help you secure long-term, uniform quality of your products and to ensure the efficiency of your production processes. Our partner in calibration equipment, Sika, has designed and produced reliable and precise measurement, control and calibration technology since 1901. With the wealth of experience Sika has accumulated over the years they are also able to provide a customised solution for your exact needs.

Our range of calibration equipment includes:


Temperature calibrators

Pressure pumps

  • Dry-block, micro bath, infrared and surface
  • Temperature range -55…+1300 °C
  • Effective and compact with a wide range of features
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic pressure pumps
  • Pressure range -0.95…1400 bar
  • Ideal for mobile applications
  • No external power supply


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