Configuration tools

Honeywell’s software tools help users configure, install, manage and maintain smart field devices efficiently. All products are intuitive and feature rich and easy-to-use interfaces for plant maintenance engineers, managers and instrument technicians to manage field devices.


SCT 3000 SmartLine Configuration Toolkit

Smartline Configuration Toolkit is a PC-based engineering and maintenance tool designed specifically for use with Honeywell’s family of smart field devices based on the DE protocol.

  • Access to configuration database parameters
  • Verifies all parameters are correct
  • Enables “Management of Change”
  • Microsoft Windows 95b, 98, NT (4.0), 2000 and XP

Honeywell MC Toolkit

The MC Toolkit handles multiple communication protocols, letting you configure, monitor, diagnose, and manage smart devices from Honeywell and other suppliers. This handheld configurator is available in intrinsic as well as non-intrinsic safe versions suitable for usage in safe as well as hazardous areas.

  • Configures both DE and HART protocols and provisions Honeywell ISA100 Wireless devices
  • Automatically verifies device identification and database configuration
  • Provides full self-diagnostic and device diagnostic support
  • Configures any HART device with a published HART Device Descriptions (DD), regardless of device manufacturer

Field Device Manager Express

Field Device Manager Express software is versatile and flexible, enabling process plant engineers and operators to perform on-the-go smart device maintenance anywhere in the plant. It operates with Windows™ 7 laptop or desktop operating systems and is used for managing and configuring smart HART and Profibus field instruments.

  • Provides full access to device parameters, configuration wizards, diagnosis procedures
  • On-line and off-line device configuration and maintenance information support using both EDDL and DTM technologies
  • Simplifies commissioning and maintenance with an easy-to-use interface for common tasks
  • Automatic device discovery
  • Provides device history as a way to easily compare today’s configuration with last week’s or last month’s known setup


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