Recorders and data acquisition

Circular Chart Recorders
Honeywell Circular Chart Recorders are preferred for batch processes. The circular chart record displays the entire batch operation over a specific unit of time, from one hour to 31 days. An additional advantage of the circular chart record is easy filing and copying for reference. Compared to the strip chart record, the circular chart has a shorter calibrated chart width.


Paperless Recorders
Experience the flexibility, security and networking capabilities of Honeywell’s X-Series paperless recorders. The eZtrend, Minitrend, Multitrend and DR Graphic recorders feature easy configuration, remote viewing and control, touch-screen navigation, high-capacity storage, custom screen design, diagnostics, software support and more.


TrendManager Software Suite
Trendview’s reliable paperless recorders and software makes recording easier and the data more accessible to improve decision making. The TrendManager Software Suite includes the standard TrendViewer software package; the TrendManager Pro advanced data analysis and archiving software; the TrendServer Pro fully network aware software for communications with recorders; and the Screen Designer software for creating customized screen layouts. This low-cost, flexible, easy-to-use software suite sets the “-trend” recorders apart from all the others.


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