Corrugated metal gasket

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The use of toxic, environmentally harmful or simply expensive gaseous media places extremely high demands on the sealing technology with the goal of very low emissions.


The Waveline WLP Egraflex Steelflon gasket Profile 1 with inner eyelet has a corrugated cross-section which is under high pressure due to the corrugated stress. This sealing material is a sandwich design of pure graphite and metal sheets. The internal design consists of several 0.5 mm thick layers of high-quality graphite sheets and 0.05 mm of plain stainless steel sheet foils.


The inner eyelet is pre-compressed using the Waveline® process and reduces the diffusion of the medium through the seal. This produces very low leakage rates, even under normal operating conditions.

» meets the leakage requirements of the VDI Guidelines 2440 and TA Luft.
» media resistance of 1.4571 steel and PTFE (if envelope used)
» wide range of application
» no measurable creep properties
» blow out proof
» easily replaceable, as the gaskets do not stick to the sealing surface.
» no contamination of the medium by the gasket
» easier handling due to the Waveline WLP® process

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