KLINGER® metal jacketed gaskets

KLINGER® metal jacketed gaskets are semi-metal gaskets with a body made of soft ceramic fiber or graphite and a jacket / shell material suitable for the application. The gasket can stand and requires a high surface pressure to operate. The soft body material forces the metal to conform to the surface of the flange and seal it. Metal jacketed gaskets are a cost-effective alternative for applications where the sealing surface is narrow. Gaskets are available in a variety of materials and sizes.

Metal jacketed gaskets are not very reliable and therefore they have been replaced by e.g. in heat exchanger applications with KLINGER® top-chem 2000 material or at temperatures above 250° C with a kammprofile gasket (KLINGER® Maxiprofile). Heat exchanger sealing solutions, as well as other narrow sealing surface solutions, always require technical examination and / or tightness calculations.

Typical uses
KLINGER’s metal jacketed gaskets are commonly used in heat exchanger application.

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