SUPERSAFE® ST spray shield is made of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric. The spray shield is also available with an indicator, window model or a leak pipe, making any leaks easier to detect. The material has good chemical resistance and is used mostly in the industry chemical applications. Also suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

SUPERSAFE® ST spray shield is more affordable choice than SUPERSAFE® 100% PTFE model, but slightly more unreliable in aggressive chemical applications. Temperature resistance max. 230°C (window version approx. 150°C) and pressure resistance max. 110 bar.

If you can’t be sure that the SUPERSAFE® ST spray shield chemical resistance is sufficient, a SUPERSAFE® 100% PTFE model should be used for safety reason.

Due to its construction, SUPERSAFE® ST spray shield is suitable to use with almost all flange types and shapes. Installation is easy – thanks to the adhesive surface and the tightening cords at the edges.

The advantages of SUPERSAFE® ST flange protection are:

  •  Easy handling
  •  The material is suitable for most media
  •  Suitable for almost all types of flanges
  •  Easy installation without tools
  •  Easy to adjust
  •  Reusable

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