KLINGER Soft-chem is an expanded PTFE gasket material, which is highly compressible and gas tight. The gasket has excellent chemical resistance and is thus well-suited for aggressive media as well as applications where the torque is limited. The gasket has good creep resistance and is well-suited for flanges which are damaged or are not parallel. KLINGER Soft-chem has FDA approval for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The gasket can also be used with glass-lined, plastic and steel flanges.

Typical uses
KLINGER soft-chem is a versatile gasket, which provides cost-effective sealing through out your facility up to a temperature of max 260 degrees and pressure of max 200 bar. The gasket is FDA approved for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and is also suitable for use with glass-lined, plastic and steel flanges.

KLINGER soft-chem gasket material has the FDA approval.

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