Shaft seals FPM

Shaft seal is mainly built of a metallic stiffening ring and a vulcanized sealing element. Shaft seals are used for example to seal the space between a rotating shaft and a static housing. Available in a variety of profiles and materials for different purposes.

Fluoroelastomer FPM (DIN ISO 1629) / FKM (ASTM D1418)
(trade name: Viton® Du Pont-Dow Elastomer)

Fluoroelastomer is suitable especially for use in high temperatures and it is highly resistant to oils, fuels and solvents. It is not recommended to be used with esters or ethers with low molecular weight, ketones or amines. Ideal for applications where other elastomers to wear out or deteriorate rapidly.

Warning! Burning FPM-elastomer forms toxic gas. Burnt FPM-elastomer must be treated like a corrosive media. 

Max operating temperature: -18 +220 °C

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