SensorSystems ST-350-H2-360-CB CANopen

Angle sensors measure the angle between two objects. The angle measurement can be either absolute or incremental: absolute sensors provide the angle reading straight away after switching the sensor on whereas incremental sensors require for you to visit the home station first and start the measuring again from there.

  • Measuring range 360°
  • Resolution 14 bit, redundant
  • Output CANopen (DS301/DS410)
  • Operating temperature -40…+85°
  • Compact and inexpensive, gap between flange drillings 38 mm, shaft diameter 6 mm
  • Available also with Deutsch connector and already with different cables


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Timo Tuupanen, Product Group Manager

+358 10 400 1295

Peter Jansson, Product Manager

+358 10 400 1208


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