SensorSystems SDS-series cable extention transducers

Cable extension transducers (sometimes also called wire sensors) measure linear movement. The advantages of cable extension transducers include their suitability for different types of applications and low structural length compared to their measuring range. Cable extension transducers are available in all standard output signals, and there are also duplicated models for safety-critical applications.

  • 3 different body sizes (SDS3/6/12)
  • CANopen/mA/V/potentiometer outputs
  • Also with built-in inclination sensor (models SDS6-CB-L/SDS20-CB)
  • Measuring range 1,8/2,3/3,3/4,8/5,3/6,3/8/10/12/20 m
  • Almost all models available redundant
  • Resolution in CANopen models 0,1 mm
  • Repeatability ±0,1 % FS
  • IP67
  • SDS3 and 6 models with 0,86 mm nylon coated stainless steel wire
  • SDS12 and 20 models with 2 mm stainless steel wire
  • Special model SDS-CB-5000 is equipped with contactless measuring element

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