Gemco magnetostrictive transducers

Continuous level measuring can be executed with different measuring techniques such as hydrostatic measuring, ultrasound or with a capacitative sensor. The resulting output ranges between 0-10V or 4..20mA standard message and some sensors also give digital HART reading.

  • For liquids with float
  • Measuring ranges 0,025-7,6 m
  • 4..20 mA / 0..10 V / PWM / SSI outputs
  • Supply voltage 7..30 VDC
  • Protection IP68
  • Impact and vibration resistant (1000 g/30 G)
  • Variety of float and magnet options
  • GEMCO 953 Vmax magnetostrictive transducer has the best impact and vibration resistance qualities in the market

More technical information from the manufacturer’s website

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