Continuous inkjet printers (CIJ)

As the name suggests, Domino’s continuous inkjet printers have ink continuously circulating through the printer when in use. The ink is divided into drops, of which as many as 4000 drops travel through the print head in a single second. A video of the print head’s operation can be found here.

Domino’s A-series was released in 1998 and by 2008 its variants had sold over 100 000 pcs worldwide.

The newest product line is the Ax-series, which is a technological breakthrough in droplet formation technology. This provides great accuracy in drop placement at traditional speeds. The iPulse-system, which is the latest innovation in the industry, allows you to print clear and accurate markings on several rows even at great speeds. The Ax-series contains three models: Ax150i, Ax350i ja Ax550i.

For specialist applications, our product range also contains different variants of older A-series Plus and Classic printers, such as A300+SE, which is a IP66 protected printer for extremely demanding conditions.


Wiedenbach Apparatebau GmbH has manufactured inkjet printers for 30 years already.
The company is specialized in demanding applications, where the inks used have special properties and their use requires special durability from the printer.

When high pigment inks are needed for e.g. marking dark coloured cables or making permanent marking on a light bulb, Wiedenbach’s inkjet printers are the right solution.

Wiedenbach’s popularity in marking wires and cables with high pigment inks has  suosio johtojen ja kaapeleiden merkinnässä korkeapigmenttisillä musteilla on saanut yrityksen vahvistamaan osaamistaan juuri tuolla alalla ja kehittämään WP-sarjan kirjoittimet, jotka toimivat saumattomasti yhteen kaapeleiden leikkauslaitteiden (kuten Komax) kanssa.

Wiedenbach on ollut osa Domino Printing Sciences plc:ta vuodesta 2005 ja myös Wiedenbachin CS- ja WP-sarjan mustesuihkukirjoittimissa on Dominon A-sarjasta tuttu SureStart kirjoituspään suuntinlevyn sulkumekanismi ja automaattinen pesu.

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