Now it is possible to order products from outside the price list from our web shop

Thursday March 14th, 2019

Our web shop just got a new feature. Now it is possible to order products from outside the price list from our web shop.

In our web shop prices are visible only for products that are in the customer specific price list. Our broad range of products combined with large volume scale for different products is creating certain challenges when managing price lists. Due to that reason, only certain products have been available for ordering from the web shop. Next to the products without price there has been a button for requesting a quotation for one product at a time. This function has not been satisfactory for all our valued customers and we have now developed a feature that allows you to add also products without price into your shopping cart. When doing this, the whole order is sent as a request for quotation and our sales will send you a quotation for approval. When you accept this quotation, the quotation is changed into an order in our system and it will be delivered.

This way it’s possible to order products with and without a preset price in the same order and save time and trouble. Please note that the whole order will be handled at the same time. Pricing and approval of the quotation can slow down the processing time a bit.

Note that we have still numerous products, which are not available in our web shop. These products are typically customer or order specific thus not included in stocking program. We are asking you to send all special/non-stock items inquiries to or (for seals and gaskets)