Welcome to visit our office!

Before you visit, we kindly ask you to read the safety instructions below and acknowledge the instructions read by entering your name and phone number in the fields reserved for them. This will speed up your arrival. The phone number provided on the form is used only in case of emergency, eg when a possible evacuation occurs.

You can also read our safety instructions at our reception at your arrival. In that case, spare a few minutes for it.

Safety Instructions

Occupational health and safety are of upmost importance to our company. Therefore we kindly ask you to read through these safety instructions before the start of your visit. Your data will be stored for up to one year after your acknowledgment. You can also specify a shorter archive period if you want. Please note, however, that any subsequent visits will require you to confirm our safety instructions if the following visits occur outside the archive period.

Arriving to the premises

  1. After reading these safety instructions you will receive your visitor pass. Please keep it visible at all times during your visit.
  2. Please stay with your host when moving around the premises. He/she makes sure your visit is successful.
  3. Smoking is not allowed in our premises. If necessary, your host will guide you to our designated smoking area.
  4. Please pay attention to our recycling policy when discarding waste during your visit.

Tour around the facilities

  1. When touring our warehouse and production facilities, please wear the safety vest provided as well as safety shoes when necessary.
  2. Please stay on the designated walkways that are painted on the floor. Additionally, we ask you to use caution as forklifts and heavy products are being maneuvered in our warehouse and production facilities.
  3. In certain areas of our facilities we may ask you to wear additional safety equipment.
  4. Please stay with your host throughout the duration of the tour.
  5. Please do not touch the products or machinery without your host’s permission.
  6. Do not walk under loads that have been lifted.
  7. It is forbidden to take photos in our warehouse and production facilities without a permission.

In case of emergency

  1. If an emergency situation should occur during your visit, please follow the instructions given by your host.
  2. Emergency exits are marked above the exit points.
  3. There is a safety information map in each section of our premises, which includes emergency exits, escape routes, fire extinguishers, first aid kits as well as other important safety related locations.
  4. If evacuation should be necessary, your host will take you to the meeting point.
  5. If you notice a potential hazard, please report this to your host.

Leaving the premises

  1. When your visit comes to an end, your host will take you back to the lobby.
  2. Please remember to return your visitor pass to the reception.

Thank you, your information has been saved