High pressures and temperatures are common requirements in power plants. With KLINGER high quality certified sealing products, it’s possible to seal even most challenging applications safely. KLINGERexpert seal selection tool gives great support for correct seal selection and tightening moment definition. Our training course to assembly personnel (EN1591-4, certified) will be additional contribution for safe and smooth operation environment.

As a summary high quality seals, correct selection and qualified assembly personnel will guarantee high productivity (long mean time between failure) and safe working environment with optimal life cycle cost.

» Solutions for the most common sealing needs in the energy industry:

KLINGER Milam  Graphite packing
KLINGER Milam Graphite packings Thermal insulation


» Solutions for the most common valve applications in the energy industry:

Globe valve  Gate valve  Safety valve  Level gauge  Vent silencer
Globe valves Gate valves Safety valves  Level gauges  Vent silencers

Camera surveillance

Our range of surveillance cameras includes cameras, recorders and monitors for the needs of the energy industry. We are able to customize the system according to the customer’s needs whether it is the renewal of the whole factory surveillance or the surveillance of the local process of 4 cameras on one screen. The Ag Neovo SX and RX series metal-shell safety screens we have been supplying to the industry for decades are suitable for 24/7 use. Monitors are affordable with a life cycle thinking model, through their long service life. Our selection includes e.g. analog HD, IP and HD-SDI system cameras, all with their own most suitable applications.

Examples are refrigerated firebox cameras, viewing through a sight glass or visual remote monitoring of the cylinder level gauge with a camera, and ATEX rated cameras.


furnace camera
Furnace camera


Explosion protection

With proactive explosion protection, you improve the safety of your plant and minimize damage caused by a potential explosion. Contact us and we will help you choose the right explosion protection!

» Solutions for explosion protection in energy industry applications:

explosion protection
Explosion protection


Metal hoses, bellows and expansion joints

Metal hoses, bellows and expansion joints are used in the energy industry to reduce thermal stress, vibration and other movements caused by temperature differences. Metal hoses are utilized e.g. boiler starting aid ignition, fuel distribution and lubricating oil systems. expansion joints are used e.g. fuel systems, interconnectors and cross-over pipes. Bellows for one are used e.g. in pipelines to dampen movements due to temperature differences.

» Solutions for the most common metal hoses, bellows and expansion joints applications in the energy industry:

Metal hoses  Bellows expansion joints
Metal hoses Bellows Expansion joints



Measuring and monitoring processes enables production optimization and better management. These can be used to improve the efficiency and operation of the production plant. It is reasonable to take care of the accuracy and reliability of measuring instruments with regular calibration.

» Solutions for the most common calibration applications in the energy industry:

 Temperature calibrator  Pressure pump
Temperature calibrators Pressure pumps