The Quality Management System of KLINGER Finland Oy fulfills the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 standard and is certified.

Quality is made of the core values of the company:

  • we take care of our customers and each other
  • we follow common ground rules
  • continuous improvement

Quality Management System ensures

  • The management and development of company processes to reach customer requirements and operational goals
  • The level of company’s external communication to comply with customer requirements
  • Sufficient communication of information generated by the Quality Management System to the employees
  • Mapping of risks and opportunities related to products and services
  • Mapping of risks that are out of the company’s control

In order to manage operations, a reporting practice has been introduced and necessary indicators created, which through regular monitoring guide the development of operations and create conditions for constant improvement.

The purpose of the Quality Management System is also to ensure the personnel’s awareness of the company operations and the impact of their own work on quality, maintaining of occupational health and safety, and taking care of environmental issues.