KLINGER Finland’s Environmental Management System is certified according to the ISO14001:2015 environmental standard.

KLINGER Finland acknowledges the environmental impact of its operations and aims to adapt them according to the principles of sustainable development in order to prevent any adverse impact of its operations. We continuously improve our environmental systems considering the needs of our customers. We encourage our personnel to work in a manner in which everyone bears responsibility for the environment and actively develops the environmental responsibility of their organisation i.e. through communication and training.

Environmentally responsible actions are supported and encouraged. KLINGER Finland follows the environmental legislation and demands it also from its partners.

Our environmental goals include:

  • reducing energy consumption by the end of 2025 with more than 7,5 % from the level of 2017
  • improving recycling and reducing the amount of waste ending up in landfills
  • considering the environmental aspects in procurement and investments (e.g. vehicles and their emission constraints)
  • favouring public transportation on business trips and commutation
  • centralising and choosing transport companies committed to environmental aspects
  • increasing the environmental awareness of personnel and partners
  • choosing products compliant with sustainable development into our product portfolio