Product marking

In the pharmaceutical industry, product and packaging labels not only differentiate themselves from competitors, but also verify the origin of the product, protecting the end user from falsified medicines. With the solutions we offer, the necessary markings on the product, product packaging, case printing as well as pallet labeling. Our traceability and serialisation solutions allow unique code on each package.

» Solutions for the most common product marking needs in the pharmaceutical industry:

Ink jet printers  Laser marking machines  Color label printers
 Ink jet printers  Lasermarking machines Color label printers


When it comes to pharmaceutical industry you need to be certain that no unwanted substances can enter the process. Our product range consists of certified gasket and sealing materials that have been proven suitable for use in pharmaceutical processes (FDA, EU, ISO).

With KLINGER high quality certified sealing products, it’s possible to seal even most challenging applications safely. KLINGERexpert seal selection tool gives great support for correct seal selection and tightening moment definition. Our training course to assembly personnel (EN1591-4, certified) will be additional contribution for safe and smooth operation environment.

As a summary high quality seals, correct selection and qualified assembly personnel will guarantee high productivity (long mean time between failure) and safe working environment with optimal life cycle cost.

» Solutions for the most common sealing needs in the pharmaceutical industry:

KLINGER Quantum  KLINGER top-chem 2000  KLINGER top-chem 2003  KLINGER top-chem KLINGER Sealex
 KLINGER Quantum KLINGERtop-chem 2000  KLINGERtop-chem 2003  KLINGERsoft-chem  KLINGER Sealex




Measuring and monitoring processes enables production optimization and better management. These can be used to improve the efficiency and operation of the production plant. It is reasonable to take care of the accuracy and reliability of measuring instruments with regular calibration.

» Solutions for the most common calibration applications in the pharmaceutical industry:

 Temperature calibrator  Pressure pump
Temperature calibrators Pressure pumps



We can supply many different sensors for the construction of medical devices, e.g. pressure and force sensors. The sensors we supply are often customized for the needs of customer.

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