Reliability is utmost important in ship building and water treatment. With KLINGER high quality certified sealing products, it’s possible to seal even most challenging applications safely and reliable. KLINGERexpert seal selection tool gives great support for correct seal selection and tightening moment definition. Our training course to assembly personnel (EN1591-4, certified) will be additional contribution for safe and smooth operation environment.

As a summary high quality seals, correct selection and qualified assembly personnel will guarantee reliable operation (long mean time between failure) and safe working environment with optimal life cycle cost.


» Solutions for the most common sealing needs in water treatment and shipbuilding:

Fibre reinforced gaskets




The special conditions of water treatment and shipbuilding, such as corrosion, vibration and extreme temperatures place great demands on different parts of the application. Our wide and high-quality product range includes valves that guarantee perfect functionality in all conditions.


Ball valves  Globe valves  
Ball valves

Globe valves

 Knife gate valves


Camera surveillance

Our range of surveillance cameras includes cameras, recorders and monitors for the needs of water treatment and shipbuilding industry. We are able to customize the system according to the customer’s needs whether it is the renewal of the whole factory surveillance or the surveillance of the local process of 4 cameras on one screen. The Ag Neovo SX and RX series metal-shell safety screens we have been supplying to the industry for decades are suitable for 24/7 use. Monitors are affordable with a life cycle thinking model, through their long service life. Our selection includes e.g. analog HD, IP and HD-SDI system cameras, all with their own most suitable applications.

Examples are refrigerated firebox cameras, viewing through a sight glass or visual remote monitoring of the cylinder level gauge with a camera, and ATEX rated cameras.



Measuring and monitoring processes enables production optimization and better management. These can be used to improve the efficiency and operation of the production plant. It is reasonable to take care of the accuracy and reliability of measuring instruments with regular calibration.

» Solutions for the most common calibration applications in water treatment and shipbuilding industries:

 Temperature calibrators  Pressure pumps
Temperature calibrators Pressure pumps


Product marking

We offer direct parts marking solutions for different materials like metal, plastic and rubber.