Seal leaks can cause significant costs and occupational safety risks. Doing the work right the first time improves occupational safety and process reliability. The bolt-mounted flange connection of pressure equipment (PED) is classified as critical as the welding of the flanges. In recent years, more attention has been paid to the quality of bolted connections and higher demands have been set for. Most leaks as well as accidents can be avoided with proper installation.

Training and qualification of a bolted flange connection installer in accordance with the SFS-EN 1591-4 standard is required by many end users and installation standards. It is also the official way in which a person is qualified to install pressure equipment.

KLINGER Finland offers certified flange connection training in accordance with the SFS-EN 1591-4 flexibly in different premises or in our own premises. The training equipment is mobile and can be easily transferred. The training goes through the different stages of installation using the correct tools and instruments. We also teach how to identify the most common installation errors and how to avoid them. We focus on the correct tightening torques of the flange joints and the purpose of achieving a tight joint. The theoretical part of the education is conducted online (approx. 5 h) and in contact training (approx. 8 h). The contact training includes hands-on practice in both a theory and an installation exam, giving you the opportunity to issue a real and 5-year qualification card. The training is intended for the technicians, foremen, supervisors, and designers of the pressurized systems. We can also tailor a specified training program for your needs.

Also available plastic and glass reinforced plastic qualification training and hydraulic tool qualification training.

If you need further information, or you want to sign up for a course, please do not hesitate to contact:

Henrik Tallbacka
Technical Manager
henrik.tallbacka(a) or 050 453 3815