KLINGER Finland’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System is certified according to ISO45001:2018 standard.

The OHS system ensures that our operational instructions consider all circumstances and conditions that influence or may influence the health or safety of our personnel or other employees, visitors or any other persons in our premises.

We emphasize maintaining working ability by preventive occupational health care and minimising risk factors in the working environment. KLINGER Finland is aware of the OHS risks relevant to its operations. We are committed to preventing injuries and degradation of health, as well as to continuous improvement of OHS operations and management. KLINGER Finland abides to OHS legislation, informs its personnel of OHS responsibilities, and require this also from its partners.

Our OHS goals are:

  • Safe working environment for the company employees
  • Satisfied, healthy, considering and caring personnel
  • Appropriate working conditions for external workers in our premises
  • Development of involvement and collaboration opportunities for company employees
  • Monitoring, maintaining and managing of the continuous improvement initiatives relating to OHS