Sanna Laari is an athlete competing in the Finnish national team of biathlon.

Sanna started her career in cross-country skiing, from where she switched to biathlon in the 2010-2011 season. Since then, she has competed in the biathlon national team. During her career, Laari has been at her best in the World Championships at 48th, 35th in the World Cup and 8th in the IBU Cup. Championship medals can also be found in the cross-country youth series.

However, her passion for skiing is not limited to biathlon, but Laari continues to compete in cross-country skiing, especially in the free skiing style, as her competition calendar allows. In addition to her sports career, Laari has studied life sciences at the University of Eastern Finland, majoring in applied zoology, and graduated with a master’s degree in philosophy.

In her free time, the activity of the animal-loving Laari is taken care of by two dogs, with whom she likes to bustle of all kinds.

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Image: SAHL Andrei Ivanov