Metropolia Motorsport is a Formula Student team operating as a research, development and innovation project of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Since the beginning of the millennium, the team has first produced internal combustion engine cars for the international student series, and since 2013 has focused only on the development and production of electric cars in order to stay involved in the development of technology away from internal combustion engines. The idea of ​​the competitions is to produce and design a new developed vehicle every year to compete internationally between universities in various dynamic and static areas, from acceleration driving to the approx. 22 km long “endurance” section and from the cost of manufacturing the car and the structure of the carbon footprint to the presentations made on the design decisions of individual parts. The organizers and judges of the competitions are representatives of industry and top universities.

During the corona period, the team has designed and put their first four-wheel drive electric car into test condition. The car has been finished and optimized during the coming season for the car’s first official races. The competition season is always in the summer, and due to the success of previous years, we currently have Switzerland as the competition location, but we aim to open up new competition places in early 2022 from the entrance exams based on the theory of electric cars and the rules of the competition.

KLINGER Finland is involved in sponsoring the Formula Student team. There are several items in an electric car that require seals, and the failure of a seemingly modest seal can at worst mean that the car cannot finish the race. It is not just a speed competition, but you also get points for the high-quality design of the car.

For us, supporting the activities of the Formula Student team is important because it is:

  • ecological activity
  • a student-led project with which we support and help the experts of the future
  • state-of-the-art technology aimed at improving reliability.

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