KLINGER Finland takes pride in being a responsible company. Responsible business operations cover economic, environmental and social responsibilities, which at KLINGER Finland are all based on the principles of sustainable development. As a part of responsible business operations, KLINGER Finland has a Management System which is certified according to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System, and ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHS) standards. The company management is committed to the management system and the entire personnel has been given orientation training of it. As a complementing element of the environmental system, the company is also committed to following the principles of the Motiva’s Energy Efficiency Agreements.



KLINGER Finland’s values guide the actions of the company and all its employees, thus also forming the basis for our quality policy.

KLINGER Finland’s values are:

» Take care of our customers and each other
» Follow common ground rules
» Continuous improvement

Feedback on customer satisfaction is obtained through customer visits, contacts, observations, claims, customer satisfaction surveys and industry reports. Feedback will be handled internally and be the base of operations development and possible corrective actions.


KLINGER Finland acknowledges the environmental impact of its operations and aims to adapt them according to the principles of sustainable development in order to prevent any adverse impact of its operations. We continuously improve our environmental systems considering the needs of our customers. We encourage our personnel to work in a manner in which everyone bears responsibility for the environment and actively develops the environmental responsibility of their organisation i.e. through communication and training.

Environmentally responsible actions are supported and encouraged. KLINGER Finland follows the environmental legislation and demands it also from its partners.

Occupational Health and Safety

KLINGER Finland is aware of the OHS risks relevant to its operations. The OHS system ensures that our operational instructions consider all circumstances and conditions that influence or may influence the health or safety of our personnel or other employees, visitors or any other persons in our premises. We emphasize maintaining working ability by preventive occupational health care and minimising risk factors in the working environment. We are committed to preventing injuries and degradation of health, as well as to continuous improvement of OHS operations and management. KLINGER Finland abides to OHS legislation, informs its personnel of OHS responsibilities, and requests this also from its partners.


With its operations, KLINGER Finland aims to ensure that the set quality, environmental and OHS goals are met on the level required by the stakeholder groups (incl. legislation). Customer-specific special needs in quality, environmental and OHS issues are defined case-specifically according to the nature of the transaction.