KLINGER Finland acquires Econosto Oy

Wednesday September 7th, 2022

Finnish valve importer Econosto Oy is now part of KLINGER.
Econosto Oy’s product range includes: ✔ high-quality valves
✔ level gauges ✔ actuators ✔ strainers ✔ steam and pressure solutions

With the acquisition of Econosto Oy, KLINGER strengthens its market presence and enhances its product offering in Finland. Econosto Oy has a strong market position in MRO in a broad range of industries, especially in shipbuilding.

Econosto Oy’s founder Martti Lehto knew that integrating his family business into an even larger family business would be a logical way for the company to expand while staying true to its values. He was particularly interested in making sure that his business was delivered into good hands.

“1+1=3” explained Markku Ivanoff, Managing Director of KLINGER Finland, expressing the highly beneficial takeover for KLINGER’s domestic business in Finland. KLINGER Finland is looking forward to having Econosto Oy’s team become part of the KLINGER family.

Markku Ivanoff

“Econosto Oy focuses on high-quality products, and customer satisfaction is the company’s top priority. With such a customer-oriented mentality, the company perfectly fits into our group.“

Markku Ivanoff, Managing Director of KLINGER Finland

Esa Virtanen will act as Managing Director of Econosto Oy and will further develop the business, together with Tanja Lehto (Business Development), Toni Ålander (Head of Sales) and the rest of the dedicated Econosto Oy team. Founders Martti and Ulla Lehto will remain with the company, and will provide additional guidance to the development team during the transition period, as Econosto Oy integrates into KLINGER Finland. The current staff and facilities will remain unchanged.

Esa Virtanen henkilökuva

Daniel Schibli (CEO, KLINGER Group, left) and Martti Lehto (former shareholder and COO, Econosto Oy) look forward to the promising future of Econosto Oy.

A truly Finnish player with excellence in valves and MRO business

Econosto Oy was founded in 1987 and has since been privately owned by the Lehto family. The company is based in Kuopio, Finland, and its facility spans an area of 4,000 sqm. They specialize in delivering high-quality valves, level gauges, actuators, expansion joints, and strainers, in addition to steam and pressure solutions for the needs of shipyards, manufacturing industries, power plants, and wholesalers.

Econosto venttiilit

Econosto Oy has always been focused on delivering high customer satisfaction. Today, the company has over 100 customers in multiple industries. Individual and personalized services for their customers is the highest priority. Over 50 % of Econosto Oy’s deliveries are customized prefabrications, designed and assembled according to the customer’s individual needs. On-site services, such as assembly, design, and safety adjustment, allow Econosto Oy to ensure satisfaction beyond product delivery. Storage services and variable freight options provide support for logistical and supply chain challenges, an important amenity in the post-pandemic market.

Martti Lehto henkilökuva

“I am delighted, having found a perfect partner for Econosto Oy’s future. Right from the beginning we could already feel a very good chemistry between our people. I am looking forward to a common and promising future.“

Martti Lehto, former shareholder and COO of Econosto Oy

Daniel Schibli

“Econosto Oy is a highly complementary acquisition in terms of product, industry, market orientation, customers, and location. We are very happy to have them on board.“

Daniel Schibli, CEO of the KLINGER Group

The winning combination of a family-run personalized business with the resources of a global market leader will no doubt prove a boon to the entire Econosto Oy and KLINGER Finland Oy customer base.

Econosto Oy briefly:

  • Econosto Oy is located in Kuopio.
  • The company was founded in 1987.
  • The premises include storage facilities, an installation area and office premises, a total of approx. 4,000 square meters.

Contact persons mentioned in the article:

Markku Ivanoff, Managing Director of KLINGER Finland
Esa Virtanen, Managing Director of Econosto Oy
Martti Lehto, former shareholder and COO of Econosto Oy
Daniel Schibli, CEO of the KLINGER Group


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