KLINGER Finland Oy’s coronavirus bulletin

Tuesday January 18th, 2022

Here at KLINGER Finland Oy, we constantly monitor the coronavirus COVID-19 situation. We follow the instructions given by both THL and the authorities and we ‘ll update our operating instructions accordingly. Through various measures, we have tried to prevent the spread of the virus.

Our security measures

We can only serve our customers by first making sure that our employees and their families are well. We have instructed our staff on matters related to infection prevention and possible illness. All business travel is restricted and business meetings are generally handled as virtual meetings. At the workplace, we have reduced close contact to a minimum, instructed in the use of the mask, and followed good hand hygiene.

Ensuring availability and operating conditions

Our operations will continue as normal and there have been no significant disruptions to our supply chain. Personnel and other arrangements have been put in place in our production, warehousing and maintenance to minimize the risk of supply disruptions. In a challenging situation, our extensive and comprehensive inventory has the advantage, but we hope that our customers will generally take into account extended delivery times when placing an order. We will contact our customer as soon as possible if delivery time changes cannot be avoided.

A visit to our office

At present, visits to KLINGER Finland’s premises are kept to a minimum. If a visit is necessary, both the visitor and our own employee will be required to use the mask. The visitor is also required to have a corona pass or a negative corona test result. In storage areas, the carrier must always wear a mask.