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Wednesday May 18th, 2022

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Packaging professionals will gather at the PacTec event on 18th to 19th of  May 2022 at the Helsinki Messukeskus to review the current state of the industry, innovations and future prospects. KLINGER Finland Oy presents the latest solutions at their stand 6p51, such as the new generation Ventus labeling device.

In our preview, there is a new generation of domestic Ventus labeling equipment that automatically prints and affixes the label to the product, sales package or pallet. Ventus has been designed with usability, safety, physical size and integration into modern automation systems in mind. Ventus is fully compatible with market-leading printing machines such as Zebra, Sato, Honeywell, TSC and CAB.

Our department also has a compact Intrex labeling line suitable for small breweries and the chemical industry, which attaches product labels to bottles and cans quickly and neatly. At the same time, date stamps are printed on the products.

Labeling always generates waste if the backing paper for the label cannot be recycled elsewhere in the industrial process. Our principal Sato has published a label printer that can use the so-called linerless label. There is no backing paper at all on the label roll, and the printer cuts the label tape to the desired length using the integrated cutter. This also allows the label roll to hold more printable space.

We also introduce Domino’s high-speed inkjet printers for 2D codes and batch and date markings, as well as integrated inspection cameras from the same manufacturer.

It is also easy to print color labels yourself. If there are a lot of product titles and production batches are small, it makes more sense to print the desired number of labels yourself rather than ordering them from the printing house on the shelf to expire. Epson Colorworks label printers print labels and tags in color with first-class print quality.

Welcome to find out more about our solutions!

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Markku Tilli
Sales Director / Product Marking
mobile: 040 833 9722


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