See Eyes SC-MA1VDA video distribution amplifier

» 1 input / 4 outputs

» Supports analogue CVBS signal plus TVI, AHD, CVI signals with 720p and 1080p 25/30 resolution

» Includes amplifier, no signal loss.

» No picture or signal degradation

» Built-in 6dB video amplifier circuit

» Durable aluminum case with optimum protection

» Supports UTC (Up the Coax) data transfer via coaxial cable, ie no separate control cables are required for PTZ camera

» Does not include a power source. see below. Suitable power supply for 12VDC 500mA


Order number: EMSU1010 See Eyes SC-MA1VDA CVBS, AHD, TVI and CVI Video Video Amplifier (1 in / 4 out)

Order number: EMMA1050 Power supply 12VDC 500mA regulated

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