Videotec SM328B Matrix switcher, 32in 8 out

The video matrix SM328B offers a solution for the collection and management of images, capable of switching 32 video inputs to 8 independent outputs and activating 32 different synchronized sequences among several monitors, with day, night or holidays cycles.The matrix provides 32 alarm inputs and 8 relays outputs controlled by events or alarm contacts (alarm groups). Alarms can be reset through a keyboard, external contacts or automatic timed reset. The matrix can be easily configured through an OSD or through a PC.2 Aux RS485 lines output to control telemetry and other third parties devices
Privacy video masking function
4 RS485 keyboard inputs RJ11 connectors (max 8 keyboards)
Aux A can be used to connect more SM328B matrix in Master/Slaves or Parallel systems
VCR Trigger input to connect a time lapse VCR
On alarm: actions on monitors (sequences and cameras) and on telemetry (scan on home positions or patrol)Related products:
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