Coaxial transmitter VDS 2100/2200 and 2500/2700

In the CCTV industry, almost all the cameras used coaxial cable to transmit the video and the other signals. Generally, when transmitting the video and the other signals over a long distance, there will be some interference appeared and the video quality will become weak. These are the degradation for the current coaxial cable application.

In order to solve such problems, we provide a most innovative product VDS to improve the video quality. Not only with video signals transmission, the VDS also can send the audio, alarm signals and RS485 data and camera DC power (12V or 24V) simultaneously, those are all through one single coaxial cable.

The application of VDS is used on the exist coaxial cable for CCTV camera system, the transmission distance can be easily reached to 500 meters ~ 1,000 meters, transmitting the video, audio, alarm signals, RS485 date and camera DC Power(12V or 24V). All the signal quality can be still remained in the best condition over a long distance transmission, which the method we used is by Multi-Carrier.

More information about VDS 2100 / 2200 ja VDS 2500 / 2700 series form this link.

Order number: EMBI1000 Coaxial transmitter VDS 2100/2200 (transmitter receiver power supply)
Order number: EMBI1050 Coaxial transmitte VDS 2500 (transmitter receiver power supply)
Order number: EMBI1070 Coaxial transmitte VDS 2700 (transmitter receiver power supply)
Order number: EMBI2000 Spare part power supply PD4060. Fits with VDS 2700or VDS2500

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