Camsat CD5804 Wireless video and data transmission kit for high speed cameras

Camsat CAM5816h External wireless audio/video transmission kit (5,8GHz)

  • wireless video link with stable, high quality PAL image transmission
  •  8 independent video channels
  • high gain directional antennas providing stable operation
  • CAM5816h – range of 3 km
  • CAM5816h /5 – range of 5km
  • in case of lack of line-of-sight, a signal retransmission and signal range extension are possible
  • interference free transmission (industrial, 802.11, Bluetooth, radiotelephony, etc.)
  •  real time transmission, with no delays nor loss of image quality,
  • easy to install and completely unattended,
  • outdoor transmitter and receiver enclosure with built-in directional
  • Analogue video transmission

Wireless telemetric system (869 MHz)

  • 10 independent operating channels
  • 500 mW output power – adjustable
  •  Baudrate: 1200 to 9600 bps
  • Fluent bidirectional transmission (half duplex)
  • Wireless Microwave Communications System to supports any of video transmission
  • Operates within free and stable 869 MHz band
  • Fluent, delay-free operation
  • Transparent transmission for protocols used
  • No line-of-sight required
  • Signal retransmission possible
  • Outdoor enclosure
  • Quick and easy installation

Order number: EMCA3000 Camsat CD5804 Wireless video and data transmission kit for high speed cameras

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