SeeEyes SC-HDT0801S HDMI to HD-SDI converter

  • HDMI to HD-SDI Converter with output resolution selection
  • HDMI Through Out Function
  • Selective HD-SDI output resolution
  • Ex) Input: 720p60 >> Output: 1080p30
  • Long distance transmission up to 160m(Full HD: 1.5G) and 100m(Full HD: 3G) with RG-6/U
  • HD-SDI + Power over 1 coaxial cable
  • Supplying power to camera(DC12V/8W) when using Power over Coax(PoC) function
  • Surge Protection Function

Order number: EMSU3000 SeeEyes HDMI TO HD-SDI converter

Order number: EMSU3001 SeeEyes HD-SDI to HDMI converter

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